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What is

Cloud Accounting Module

Accounting work had been the most tedious and complicated documentation work in business management. RoBoard Accounting module will revolutionized how business owner look at accounting works. The best features for Roboard Accounting module is automation and simplicity in terms of user interface.

Comparing to other accounting software in market now, almost all accounting software are design for professional or train accountant where by business owner with limited knowledge on accounting are just sitting ducks. Thus providing a dummy user interface will be the greatest value in RoBoard Accounting. In addition, RoBoard Accounting also provides automation function which can help to improve the efficiency of accounting work and make it real time for visualization on financial vitals.

  • Sales Function
  • Purchase Function
  • Asset / Stock Function
  • Journal Entry Function
  • GST/SST Function
  • Cash Book Function
  • Multi-Currency Function
  • Simplify Financial Statement
  • CFO Reports Function
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Documentation Achieve System

is targeted to help SMEs to overcome day-to-day managerial issue and to help visualised tasks, KPIs, achievements for individual employees and the company.

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