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Market Board

Tender Board

This is unique concept which RoBoard revolutionized the ideology of business integration. Understanding the nature of business that all activities encircle within an upstream & downstream ecosystem, breaking the barrier (physical distance/time/human relation) will allow uninterrupted dynamic flow and business will thrive within the ecosystem. RoBoard revolutionized the way business matching is being carry out by breaking down the barrier to benefits all users within the ecosystem.

This will be the real time sourcing place for all business users where they can post their request for products or material in RoBoard and open the request to all other businesses to respond to them. Tender Board is a dynamic tender info place where request can be posted in a real time manner and tenderer can then contact the owner for further liaison.

  • Tender Board
  • Recruitment Board
  • Freeman Board

is targeted to help SMEs to overcome day-to-day managerial issue and to help visualised tasks, KPIs, achievements for individual employees and the company.

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